Team of the month

September 2014 Award Winner

Stephen Thomas’ Team

“Steve, Fern and Lauren have been one of the most consistent teams at Convey Law over recent months, surpassing both cost targets, completion targets and client service ratings on a regular basis. Well done all and thank you!”

August 2014 Award Winner

Kirsty’s Team

“Kirsty’s team achieved a record 63 completions during August. The team have developed into a very successful unit over a short period of time under Kirsty’s leadership. The team have shown exceptional client care and introducer development skills and have met all of their targets over the last quarter. Well done Kirsty, Millie and Donna!”

June 2014 Award Winner

The Postal Team

“Our Postal Team of John and Dave work tirelessly behind the scenes each morning to ensure that our postal system functions flawlessly. The company would simply not be able to operate without their hard work and dedication. Thank you and congratulations.”

April 2014 Award Winner

Phill Edwards’ Team

“Phill’s team consistently combine excellent client service levels with high completion numbers, every month. The team are extremely well organised.  Phill, Kirsty and Alex have also worked very hard with their introducers and boast some very strong and long lasting working relationships.  Thank you all for your hard work – a well deserved second Team of the Month Award for this year!”
Team of the Month - Jedward

February 2014 Award Winner

Janine Edwards’ Team

“Janine and the team have done an excellent job in building relationships with their existing introducers and securing new business through new introducing sources in February – a fantastic effort by all involved!”

January 2014 Award Winner

The Accounts Team

“The Accounts Team worked incredibly hard over the Christmas period to ensure that all client funds were sent to clients expeditiously and on time. During their recent six month CLC Account Audit, the Accounts Team scored an incredible 100%. There were no mistakes, errors or admissions in their work, which is almost unheard of within the industry. Thank you all for your incredible hard work, accuracy and dedication.”

Team of the Year 2013

Convey Law

“2013 was a hugely successful year for the company: Achieving ABS status, Legal Eye Accreditation and then finally the Sunday Times Conveyancing Award. Everyone at the company has shown tremendous dedication and as a company, we have moved into an extremely strong position in preparation for an even more successful 2014. Thank you and congratulations to all.”

October 2013 Award Winner

Sales and Marketing Department

“October was a record breaking month for instructions thanks to the efforts of our Sales and Marketing Team. The team worked tirelessly and consistently accurately to secure and process all of the instructions.”

August 2013 Award Winner

Janine Edwards’ Team

“Janine’s team set a new benchmark for most completions in a month for 2013. This was achieved through an astounding level of commitment and hard work. A fantastic effort!”

July 2013 Award Winner

Adam Barnes’ Team

“Adam’s team all showed exceptional commitment to complete 73 transactions during July. A wonderful effort meaning the award is well deserved.”

June 2013 Award Winner

Welcome Pack Team

The Welcome Pack Team have taken on new starters, utilised their staff to great effect whilst assisting the typing team and have still managed to keep up to date. The team always work extremely hard, has a very good attitude to work and are very flexible. Keep up the great work!

April 2013 Award Winner

Ty Hafan Midnight Walkers

This year over a dozen staff represented Convey Law along the 6 mile charity walk through Cardiff. In addition to Convey Law’s sponsorship donation, the whole office got involved by sponsoring their superhero colleagues, raising a further £800.00 in total.

March 2013 Award Winner

Felicity Waite’s Team

Felicity has become one of Convey Law’s most dependable and successful conveyancers. Never afraid of hard work Felicity and her assistant Chelsea are a popular and efficient team within the company.

February 2013 Award Winner

Kirsty Robinson’s Team.

Kirsty joined in January and has displayed a refreshing and fantastic attitude to her work.
Kirsty has also made fantastic progress with securing new introducers and has received impressive client reviews.
Well done guys!

January 2013 Award Winner

Accounts Team

The Accounts team have made great progress over the course of the last 12 months in implementing a highly efficient paper free accounts department. They are all able to multitask and provide an excellent auditing facility for the company. The team worked really hard during the recent bad weather to ensure that all completions were organised effectively and that our clients moved home and got their balancing funds, despite the severe weather conditions. Thank you all for your hard work.

Team of the Year

Team of the Year 2012

Phill Edwards Team

Phil and his team have showed huge levels of consistency during this year and the feedback from their clients has been a real credit to them all. Thank you all for a great job well done!

Team of the month

October 2012 Award Winner

New Business Team

The award for Team of the Month for October goes to the New Business Team. The New Business team has reinvented itself under the leadership of Rob Hosier throughout the course of this year. Their conversion rates for potential clients regularly top 90% for all introductions sources. They have an excellent sales technique that concentrates on service, as opposed to price, and is personal and efficient. All Welcome Packs are now produced within the 24 hour SLA and they operate in a paper fee environment, fully utilising the New Business Team Instruction System – NBTIS – for the first time. Well done everyone and thank you. Keep up the Great work.

June 2012 Award Winner

Emma Selfridge’s Team

Emma’s team have performed well through some very transient times, especially throughout the course of last month. Emma has led Fizzy, Tracey and Liz well throughout her time in charge of the team, with the team meeting their completion target last month for the first time in a number of months. Well done to you all and thank you for your hard work.

May 2012 Award Winner

The Accounts Team

The Accounts team have been very consistent. They act as our conveyancing safe guard and audit all files to ensure that there are no errors made and that all required conveyancing procedures are followed. The tasks that the Accounts team perform can be arduous and at times thankless.

March 2012 Award Winner

Lucinda Gough’s Team

Lucinda and her assistant Kirsty Baker won March’s Team Of The Month Award. The team had a fantastic month, they scored 96% in their client service survey and had an average transaction timeline of 8.15 weeks – approximately 5 weeks under the national average!! Well done both, keep up the great work!

February 2012 Award Winner

Typing Team

The award for Team of the Month goes to the Typing Team! Anita, Carol and Shellie have done a great job in the Typing Team, making sure that all work is completed within, or as close as possible, to the 48 hours turnaround time! Well done Team, keep up the Great work!

January 2012 Award Winner

Sarah Farrell’s Team

The award for Team of the Month and the Ty Hafan Star Award went to Sarah Farrell’s Team! Sarah, Fern and Donna achieved 54 completions in January, against a target of 45 completions, raising £265.00 for Ty Hafan. They scored 91% in their Client Service Ratings and their average timelines were 8.54 weeks. A great set of results! Well done Team Farrell!

December 2011 Award Winner

Sara Watkins’ Team

The award for Team of the Month December goes to Sara Watkins’ Team. 2011 proved to be another great year for Sara and her team. The Team have all worked very hard to achieve their completion, timelines and client service targets throughout the year. Sara’s team consistently raised significant amounts for the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice appeal. They provided an example to every team within our environment of how an effective Conveyancing Team should operate. Well done Team Watkins, keep up the Great work!

November 2011 Award Winner

Welcome Pack Team

The award for Team of the Month for November goes to the Welcome Pack Team. The Team have all worked very hard over the course of the last 12 months to achieve their targets and ensure that the Live Teams are well supported. They have established themselves as a highly effective unit, assisting with completions and debt recovery in addition to their existing roles. Well done Team, keep up the Great work!

October 2011 Award Winner

Accounts Team

The Team of the Month Award for October went to our Accounts Team. Gareth and his team provide an excellent service to all of our staff here at Convey Law. Well done to all of the Accounts Team, keep up the Great work.

August 2011 Award Winner

Jason Clarke’s Team

Jason’s team completed a tremendous amount of completions in August. They also scored a 92% client service rating whilst still achieving the fastest completion timelines. We are delighted with the progress that this team has made in recent months. Congratulations to Jason, Danielle and Luisa.

July 2011 Award Winner

Claire Ford’s Team

Claire’s Team completed a massive 85 transactions OVER their target in July, a great achievement. Every one of their clients also took part in the Ty Hafan Free Legal Fee Competition raising £430.00 and winning them the Ty Hafan Star Award for the month of July.

June 2011 Award Winner

Gareth Richard’s Team

Gareth, Leah and Nikki massively exceeded their completion target in June, winning the Completions Award and won the June Timelines Award. They have also scored an average of 91% for their client service ratings this year. Well done Team Richards! Keep up the great work.

May 2011 Award Winner

Phill Edward’s Team

Phil, Ben and Kathryn have again won the Team of the Month Award. They are leading the way with completion targets and are our most consistent team in relation to completions so far this year. Whilst achieving great completion figures, they have still scored an average of 92% for their client service ratings this year. They have also won the Ty Hafan Star Award for May raising a fantastic £310 for the Ty Hafan Hospice. Well done Team Edwards. Keep up the good work.

April 2011 Award Winner

Sarah Farrell’s Team

Sarah, Maddy and Fern have only recently come together as a team but are proving to be a winning combination. They were the only team to hit the completion target for the month of April and still scored a staggering 95% for their client service rating. Congratulations to you all and keep up the great work.

March 2011 Award Winner

New Business Team

The award for Team of the Month for March goes to our New Business Team. Our New Business Team worked incredibly hard in March putting through live cases, whilst also covering holidays and ensuring all clients received an excellent service. Well done to you all, keep up the hard work!

January 2011 Award Winner

Post Completion Team

The Post Completion Team have worked incredibly hard over the course of the last 12 months to ensure that their department is working as effectively as it possibly can. Helen and her Team have become a real asset to us. They have implemented practices and procedures in order to ensure that we can meet the deadlines required by our mortgage lenders for the return of post completion documentation. They have played an instrumental role in ensuring that we work towards a paper free environment. Thank you Helen, Ceri, Toni and Sharon. You have done a fantastic job, keep up the great work.

November 2010 Award Winner

Title Checking Team

The Team of the Month award for November goes to the Title Checking Department. The Title Checking Department has transformed itself in recent months under the leadership of Debbie James. New procedural systems and ways of working have been established in order to make the team more efficient and to enable us to manage our environment more effectively. The Team have become highly effective and consistent as a result of the changes that have been implemented and are now consistently turning Title Check requests around within 48 hours or less. Fantastic keep up the great work everyone.

September 2010 Award Winner

Phill Edward’s Team

Phil carries a very complex caseload and Phill, Nikki and Ben work hard to meet their targets. Phill, Nikki and Ben are always helpful and professional and go that extra mile to help where they can. Well done all, keep up the good work!

August 2010 Award Winner

Gareth Richard’s Team

Gareth Richard’s Team experienced some team changes in August and still the team managed to achieve the highest completions in August. The team have also enjoyed some excellent client service results, with fantastic client reviews. The team also share the Ty Hafan Star Award for August having raised £255. Thank you Gareth, Kathryn, Leah and Julie. Keep up the great work.

July 2010 Award Winner

Claire Ford’s Team

Claire Ford, Lucinda Gough and Donna Weymouth had an exceptional month last month. They completed a staggering number of transactions throughout the course of July. Throughout the course of the month, Claire’s team also completed a property purchase transaction within 4 days of receipt of the client’s instructions which is a new record for Convey Law in dealing with a property purchase where funding was also required. Claire’s team are an example for everyone to follow at Convey Law. Thank you all for your hard work and tremendous commitment.

June 2010 Award Winner

Ceri Howells and Ned Ashley

Ceri has worked in our environment in excess of 10 years. She has done a wonderful job over the course of the last 6 months in sorting out our Post Completion balances and implementing a number of fundamental practices and procedures which will stand us in good stead for the future. Ceri offers incredible support to our Conveyancers in her Supervisory role in relation to complex transactions and service issues that require her expertise. Ned has worked in our environment for in excess of 5 years, recently being employed as our IT Manager on a full time basis. Over the course of the last 6 months Ned has reinvented our internal IT infrastructure and implemented a robust IT Disaster Recovery plan, both of which will make our IT functionality more efficient and cost effective. Thank you both for your hard work and commitment.

May 2010 Award Winner

Claire Ford’s Team

Claire, Lucinda and Donna have achieved some fantastic results in terms of timelines, completions and client service call results over the last 3 months. Claire and her team work incredibly hard to ensure their introducers are kept happy and service standards are high. We received some glowing comments from clients during our client service calls in May and this just goes to show the dedication and commitment of the team. Well done all of you and keep up the good work.

April 2010 Award Winner

Sara Watkins’ Team

Sara and her team have worked incredibly hard the last few months, hitting their completion targets and achieving fantastic client service call results. In April Sara’s team won the Completions Award and the Ty Hafan Star Award for their fantastic contribution. There have been some changes to the introducers using Sara’s team, who have presented a challenge to the team in recent months. Sara and the team have adapted magnificently to the challenge, not only in keeping their existing introducers happy but by increasing their introducer network as a result of the fantastic service that they provide. Sara, Hannah and Tracey all go above and beyond, working extra hours when required and giving that little bit extra to ensure client’s and introducers are happy with the service they receive. Well done to you all and thank you for your hard work!

March 2010 Award Winner

The Accounts Team

The Accounts Team, under the leadership of Gareth Evans, has done a fantastic job over the course of the last five months. They have documented the vast majority of their practices and procedures and are constantly looking at ways to improve and streamline their department and add more value to the company. They have worked highly effectively as a team, identifying IT issues that require resolution. The work that has been undertaken in sorting the old client balances and redefining our existing and future accounts requirements has been fantastic. The attitude and desire within the team to make themselves as effective as they can be and to continue to improve has been exemplary. Well done to you all and thank you. Fantastic!